Prezi Presentation

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Engaging 21st century students can be challenging for teachers today. I reviewed Prezi for classroom use. I have heard a lot about Prezi but never worked with it until now. I previously used PowerPoint for all my presentations. After viewing Prezi I think I will be using this program more frequently. Here is the link to my screencast on how to use Prezi.

I used this tool to create a presentation titled History of Basketball. This presentation outlines the basic history of the sport and also outlined key terms that students need to understand and comprehend throughout the lesson. You can view my presentation at Basketball Prezi Presentation. As part of the basketball unit students need to compare and contrast the game of basketball now to when it originated. The key terms section of the Prezi presentation is to introduce key terms students will hear throughout the course of the unit. After this lesson students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast old rules with new rules

  • Understand how the game was created

  • Who created the game and when it was created

  • Compare and contrast equipment used

  • Understand BEEF (proper technique for shooting)

I plan to use Prezi to introduce the lesson and to get students thinking about how the game of basketball evolved. I think students will gain a respect for the game once they understand where and why basketball was created. It is critical to introduce the material to the students prior to them performing a task. If students understand the concept of BEEF before they even pick a basketball up then they will be able to remind themselves about the proper technique.

It is sometimes difficult to introduce technology in the classroom when you are a Physical Education teacher. I think technology can be a great way to present new material to the students because they will be engaged by the Prezi presentation. Throughout the presentation I can ask questions to get the students thinking ahead. For instance, while reviewing the original rules I can ask them how many rules do they think are in the game today?


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